When Local Boy was created in 2016 their goal was to make content with a creative edge for clients both in and out of Detroit. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

But as they look to the future, Local Boy knows “work can always get better...bigger. And we can’t do that alone.”

It’s this thought that led Scott Dodoro, Owner and Executive Producer of Local Boy, to look for another Producer to join the Local Boy team. And it just so happens to be a local woman... Nellie Smydra.

“I didn’t need another me. I needed the exact opposite in fact. Nellie brings her own life experience, tastes and preferences which are all different from mine. And that’s great. She’ll help us grow in so many ways,” says Dodoro.

Smydra’s vast experience covers comedy, broadcast, digital content and captivating docustyle. So clearly, she’s not one to pigeonholed. Which is even more evident when you look at her diverse roster of work including films like It Follows and advertising clients like Rocket Mortgage.

“I’m a boots on the ground kind of producer. I take so much pride in my projects and I know the more care I put into every detail the better the end result. I’m beyond excited to bring this hustle to Local Boy and our clients,” says Smydra.

When asked why Smydra chose Local Boy out of all of the other production companies in Detroit she said, “when I considered the integrity of their work and recent partnership with DoorDash, GMC Hummer EV, Sub-Zero, Warby Parker and Uber, it’s hard to imagine a better place to be.”

Together, Smydra and Dodoro can’t wait to continuously push the envelope with their shared desire to challenge the norm, themselves and what they assume they know in order to produce the best content.

“I have a diverse group of directors and now I’m excited to have a diverse set of producers. The future has never looked brighter for Local Boy and bringing on Nellie is an exciting new chapter,” says Dodoro with a smile.