DogEatDog sign Colombian directing duo Kâcikê [ ‘ka-see-kay’ ] for commercial and music video representation in the UK.

Kâcikê is the new creative outlet of long term friends and collaborators Santiago Arbelaez and Pablo Rivera. Having amassed an impressive body of work as directors over the last decade or so, Kâcikê sees them join forces to launch a new face under the roster of production company DogEatDog.

Having produced their own work for years, the duo are known for bringing everything to the table on a project - exploring every medium, angle and format they can to create hyper-dynamic, mixed media films that are born from the visual language of today’s digital landscape. Cutting edge cameras, new post techniques, AI-driven animation, they operate within the aesthetics and tech of next-generation filmmaking. This understanding of how to make films that fit seamlessly into the social media conversation, means the duo were instrumental in creating the blueprint for content production across editorial platforms such as Hypebeast and Highsnobiety. With new outfit Kâcikê, they’re now seeking to bring this digital-first approach to larger-scale commercial productions.    

With an attitude and mindset rooted in hype culture and fashion, their work constantly finds ways to push brands to new creative frontiers and put them at the heart of the zeitgeist. Their being plugged into the underground and their constant awareness of the next big thing, has seen them work with global brands such as Nike, Ellesse, Adidas, Puma, Redbull and Mulberry, to name a few. 

Kâcikê say about joining DogEatDog “We're beyond stoked to be on board with the DogEatDog crew. With their incredible talent, it's a total privilege to be represented by them; it’s a natural and dynamic fit. We just worked on our first project together and everything went super smooth. We both felt as if we’d all known each other for ages already.”

Sam Katz, Executive Producer, says "I can say for sure that Kâcikê are going to be something special for us at DogEatDog. They challenge us to push harder and sweat every creative drop from a project, always seeing how we can raise the bar higher. They bring such a vibrant energy to the family, and added bonus, they also happen to be great guys too. We are incredibly excited to see where this new relationship is going to take us.”