Agency Johannes Leonardo announce the appointment of Tasha Cronin as the independent agency’s new Head of Production.

Cronin joins JL with over 20 years of experience in both the film and advertising industries executing premium productions for some of the world’s most renowned brands. In her new role, Cronin will be managing the agency’s award-winning production department which includes producers and business affairs executives. Cronin will report to agency president Bryan Yasko and Chief Creative Officer Julia Neumann across JL’s roster of brands including Kraft Heinz, Volkswagen, IG, Uber and adidas.

“Big brands come through our doors looking for powerful ideas backed by brilliant execution,” said Bryan Yasko, President of Johannes Leonardo. “Not only does Tasha have outstanding experience but is a proven leader of people. We are thrilled to have her on board.”

Cronin began her career in the film industry, developing scripts and acquiring films for independent studios eventually making her way to becoming Head of Interactive Production at Droga5, overseeing the top notch team of interactive and experiential producers while spearheading innovation within storytelling methods. She personally led the integrated production efforts across Google Pixel, HBO: For the Throne and Harley-Davidson which resulted in a tv spot by Terence Malick, a Titanium Shortlist and fully redesigned the motorcycle marketplace.

Prior to joining Johannes Leonardo, Cronin produced the multi-Lion winning Dojacode in less than 8 weeks overseeing all of production across such clients as adidas, Stockx, Meta, Instagram, Match, truth initiative, and Bleacher Report.

“Everyone has a list of organizations that if you got the call to join, you would go immediately. Johannes Leonardo has always been that agency for me,” said Tasha Cronin Head of Production. “JL has a legacy for best in class creative under massive brand platforms. Where I see the opportunity is when we are able to prove out the advantages of emerging technologies and integrated approaches alongside these massive organizations. That’s what I am looking forward to taking on.”