Skydaddy & Tyler Cryde – Tear Gas

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It’s a story as old as the hills, boy meets girl, eyes shyly glance, hearts race, obstacles appear, lovers squabble and reunite... but they’re not out of the woods yet.

Director Jasper Cable-Alexander's charmingly odd music video for Tear Gas, by Skydaddy and Tyler Cryde, freshens up a familiar love story with the surreal conceit that the protaganists are part-tree. Somehow the couple’s barking bark-like makeup, prosthetic stump-like noses and a couple of vampiric teeth, lend them a sweet innocence and unity that endears them to the viewer. 

As they coyly navigate their relationship, snatches of naturalistic dialogue offset the absurdity, adding to the charm: 

Boy: I like your fangs, do you ever get food stuck in them? 
Girl: Yeah sometimes… (pause)… Crumble. 
Boy: I like crumble. 

Cable-Alexander, who drew inspiration from such films as In The Mood For Love and Buffalo 66, which both depict love in strange and unique ways, comments: “I love daydreaming. I find my ideas often come from everyday moments and settings that I reimagine in my head. Both this and my promo for Terra Twin, Head Leaking, have been influenced by what my imagination takes from listening to the tracks.