ITV – Voices Against Loneliness

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ITV’s ongoing Britain Get Talking campaign returns with a new project, Voices Against Loneliness as part of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, running from 9-15 May.

Created with Uncommon, the broadcaster has flooded London, the loneliest city in the UK according to research commissioned by the Greater London Authority, with voice notes in unexpected places from ITV talent such as The Vivienne, Phillip Schofield, and Laura Whitmore.

Following the Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme of loneliness, the campaign acts as a reminder that the feeling affects everyone. The spot welcomes people to take a moment to reach out to those around them who might be feeling isolated.

The messages have been placed across the capital on sites where there is time to spare, such as at bus stops, in the backs of cabs, and while waiting in line at the chippy, pushing people to use this time to chat. 

You never know who might need a quick hello, and the impact a simple voice note could have.