For generations, Baldwin has exemplified luxury and prestige. From making the gift of choice in the Eisenhower White House to creating a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-duplicated-again design for Jacqueline Kennedy, Baldwin has set the standard for all others to follow.

Now the Baldwin brand is receiving an introduction via SCS, In&Out Productions and director Michał Sabliński to the next generation. 

While Baldwin hardware is trusted as an amazing brand with a strong heritage of premium design and quality, luxury homeowners and designers tend to see the brand in the “traditional old money” luxury space.

With new challengers reaching new generations of luxury hardware buyers, it’s time for Baldwin to expand their customer base by updating their brand relevance for a whole new audience that has an entirely different take on what “luxury” means.

The Baldwin Obsession campaign not only targets luxury homeowners, but also designers and premium hardware showrooms, where many recommendations come from. 

“This is not a shift or approach we take lightly,” said Matt Zimmer, Vice President of Marketing. “We’re making a number of strategic moves to ensure the future of the Baldwin brand, and shifting our tone is important for us to show the industry, as much as the audience, a new face and new passion for Baldwin as a brand.”