Known for funny and sensitive work, Birth's Hugues de la Brosse is one of France’s most sought-after comedy directors.

Treating every advertising project as a short film, de la Brosse's collaboration with agencies on scripts, plus his success with his film J’accede, have marked him out as a director whose work makes a lasting impression.

Amongst his favourite things we get a look at a window to his past, a pen from the present and a shadow of the future.

The Pen

It took time, but I found the perfect pen. 

I always carry one with me, just in case the inspiration strikes. 

Even if it doesn’t happen every day…

The Window

Webcam from the beach I’ve surfed since I was a kid. 

Even though I live in Paris, I check the conditions every morning with my coffee. 

I still can’t say if it feels good or if it hurts… 

The Couch

This couch saved me a few times.

It helped me unlock inspiration when I had failed before. 

It’s very long, I’m very tall!  

We’re a good fit

The Boss

Once a year, it’s good to remind what THE awkwardness is. 

Pure cruelty with a drop of tenderness. 

The Team

We found the name with Hugo (founder of Birth) and I drew the logo. 

There is still a long road ahead, but I’m quite proud of what we accomplished. 

I used to sigh when people told me that having kids makes you want to change things. 

I’m beginning to understand the idea!