Creative production company HOBBY welcome award-winning South African director Amy Allais to its fold.

Allais has covered a lot of creative ground in the 20 years she’s been directing commercials. Epic choreographed dance spots, hilarious comedy and a (totally inadvertent) specialisation for working with kids and babies have made her a much sought after talent all over the world. She has lent her distinctive touch to brands including L’Oreal, Renault, Gillette and Nando’s. From shooting spots for PepsiCo in Turkey to a campaign for Johnson’s that played in 48 countries in the EMEA market, Allais has worked everywhere. 

This global success makes her a perfect fit for HOBBY. Founded in Sweden, the award-winning company has also spent 20 years honing its craft and now has offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore, Berlin, Los Angeles and London. 

Allais describes her work as “funny, ballsy and a little strange!” Her stylised and irreverent approach is sure to sit well with HOBBY’s passion for eye-popping visuals and pitch-perfect comedy. 

HOBBY founder Oskar Bård says: “Amy masterfully combines comedy and storytelling, crafting visual universes that stand out. Her work is rock solid, with an odd Amy twist that makes the work interesting. Give her any script, and she'll transform it into something golden. Imagine a laser sharp Swiss army knife with a South African essence, that's Amy.”

When it comes to advertising, Allais' motto is simple: “Try very, very hard, but don’t take it too seriously.” 

As for the adventures that lie ahead with HOBBY, she says: “I love working globally, but it’s always a challenge touching down in a new place and having to forge entirely new relationships; making sure that our values and creative priorities align. I’m very excited to be part of a production company that has a similarly creative problem-solving approach to putting the money in front of the camera. I have found that enduring creative and production relationships are the way the best work is made.”