In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Owner/Managing Director Leslie Harro of Havoc Content, one of the industry’s only Latinx-American-Woman-owned production companies, has launched a new Music Video Division with her partner Director Santiago Salviche. Salviche has produced and directed for a myriad of celebrity music artists including Jennifer Lopez, Danna Paola, Marc Antony, Enrique Iglesias and JoJo.

“When Santiago and I met, we had so much in common in how we ran our individual businesses,” shares Harro. “Initially, we decided he would come on as a Director in Havoc’s commercial division. Santi is so intelligent in business and building relationships, I knew it would elevate our company to bring him on as a partner in the launch of our Music Video Division. He's unique in his abilities to foster young and underrepresented talent, while still building his own amazing career as a Director. We are very aligned with this and it makes us an incredible team. It's been a dream having him as a partner. Music Videos is a unique and creative world that Havoc fits right into.”

"Partnering with Leslie was a natural choice for us because of the level Havoc is already operating at, the streamlined and efficient processes she brings to the table and the years of experience creating wonderful products in all markets.” expresses Salviche. “Our team is committed to making a lasting impact in the industry by creating cutting-edge visual products for the music world and by nurturing and empowering talented Directors. Building and maintaining enduring relationships with these Directors is not just a goal; it's a fundamental part of our journey. We believe that the music video medium is a playground for creativity and a fantastic training ground for Directors to hone their skills, hence the importance of picking the right talent for the long haul.”

Since taking over the reins of Havoc Content in 2020, Harro and team has collaborated on a myriad of commercial, advertising, branded content and music video projects for: Toyota, Whatsapp, NFL, Nike, Motor Trend, Arm & Hammer & Space Force. 2023 has seen the company continuously shooting projects for such clients as Meta, Canon, Pepcid, Maci, RCA . Havoc Content is currently in the midst of projects for Allegiant Air, Facebook & another project for Space Force. On the TV & Film side, Havoc is also in the midst of developing two episodic shows.

“2023 has been a year of massive growth and growing pains for Havoc,” comments Harro. “We have been incredibly fortunate to bring on new clients while continuing to keep up with our existing clients. We have scaled faster than we anticipated, so as an owner I have had to adjust rapidly. There is no room for error at this level and we run a very tight ship. We have continued to grow our roster with amazing new talent, who we have been incredibly successful with. It's exciting and exhilarating, working at this pace with the incredible team we have. But it has also been a very tough year with some difficult losses, especially with the strike and seeing some of our peers really struggle. Continuing to run our company with compassion and empathy will always be one of our main priorities.”