Bicoastal Union Editorial has formed a relationship with Mexican editor Luis 'Guicho' Flores.

Flores' work on projects such as El Pollo Loco’s Border Futbol (Vitro Austin) and Whataburger’s Momentos para Saborear campaign (FPO Marketing) have garnered not only honors but accolades for his commitment to accurate representation of Hispanic life. While Flores divides his time between Austin and Mexico City, he and Union have set their sights on the National Hispanic Market. 

“Guicho’s work in the Hispanic market is A-level,” said Union Partner/Managing Director Michael Raimondi. “We have always had strong relationships with some of the top Hispanic agencies in the world, and Guicho will help us expand on those.” Raimondi added that, “The world is getting smaller all the time. Agencies are being tasked with creating multiple campaigns for social and broadcast in multiple languages more and more. Being able to offer Guicho’s talents to our clients makes us a stronger company all around.”  

“I have lived in the U.S. for more than 13 years now, and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized I’m an immigrant, technically speaking,” Flores explained, “and it’s something I like to embrace. It is up to us whether to perceive it in a negative context, or to draw empowerment from that and fuel our ambition.” He acknowledged that some artists may seek to operate independently of their cultural affiliation. “I respect Hispanic editors who want to prove themselves in the general market,” he said. “For me, it’s the multicultural market where I see the most potential because there’s a voice waiting to be awakened - not only from an Hispanic standpoint, but regarding anything that represents a cultural alternative to the norm. I want to be THE editor in THAT world, serving an industry that has a sort of underdog status.” 

While the arrangement with Union is currently non-exclusive, Flores affirmed the shared desire to build a more permanent relationship. “We share a vision of the future as far as my career development,” he said, adding that “Union Editorial’s top-of-the-line commercial work, combined with the Austin office's super-friendly vibes makes this a very exciting, inspiring time.”

Flores was introduced to the company by Senior Producer Julie Anderson of Union Austin. Prior to joining Union, Anderson produced El Pollo Loco “Border Futbol,” cut by Flores. “Julie is a wonderful producer, and I’d been wanting to work with her again,” Flores noted. “Commercial post houses are spaces where creativity and amiability intersect. It takes a village to execute a vision, and that’s what I love about our industry - it pushes you to connect with other people through a creative exercise.” 

“Guicho is such a talented editor, and I am thrilled to work with him again,” said Anderson. “He approaches his work with a level of enthusiasm and sincerity that is contagious. He is constantly creating and contributing to the creative landscape in a meaningful way.”

Citing Flores’ “amazing energy and genuine love of his craft,” Union Austin Executive Producer Vicki Russell added, “I’m looking forward to working alongside Guicho as his career flourishes.”

“Like most people in our field, I’m a cinephile and I appreciate when video is a true reflection of our social reality,” Flores pointed out. “I love working with agencies and creatives who want to capture real life and the culture - of any minority - accurately. It elevates the work and makes it much more than just an ad. These kinds of projects are exciting because they remind me why I got into this industry in the first place.”