Framestore Pictures (FSP) has bolstered its roster with two compelling new directors, Rich Lee and Jennifer Stafford. Both will be repped by FSP in North America and the UK. 

This caps off a year of growth, including the addition of Executive Producer Michel Waxman, Director and DPIvan Bird, and a succession of standout projects for brands including Jeep, Dodge, Kohler, and Nintendo.

Since its launch in 2015, Framestore Pictures has created a unique offering, representing a list directorial talent, in addition to providing premier VFX resources, collaborating in lock step from pitch to final delivery.

Director Rich Lee’s world building visual narrative and love of VFX, emerging tech and virtual production spans music videos, commercials, film and TV. Lee has a background as a sculptor and fabricator for Broadway productions and spent time as an Imagineer at Disney. From there he went on to supervise pre vis for numerous feature films. Rich’s work is noted for its visual creativity and his ability to humanise the storytelling. He has directed over 50 celebrities for both brands and music videos, including George Clooney, Eminem, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez. Some of his most recent projects include Adobe’s Create What’s True to You collaboration with Billie Eilish, Coordown’s multi award-winning The Hiring Chain, and commercials for Hyundai, Uber and Samsung, as well as his first project with Framestore Pictures for Toyota, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi.

“I love to mix creative and technology and can’t think of a better place to do that than with FSP. Framestore has always been one of my favourite VFX shops so having that partnership is incredible, “says Lee. “I want to be at a place that can nurture my creative storytelling side and my technology and VFX side. I love being on the forefront of tech and how to use it to tell stories. Seeing the work that has been coming out of FSP and where my body of work has been headed, it just feels like a natural fit”

Director Jennifer Stafford cut her teeth making badass films at Red Bull Media House. Driven by a love of exploring people and cultures, she excels at creating emotional connections with cinematic scope. Showcasing both the relatable and awe-inspiring prowess of everyday people and world-class athletes, her observational eye for cinematography elevates the simplest human moments.

“I am thrilled to join the gifted group of directors at Framestore Pictures,” says Stafford. “The synergy between my filmmaking style and Jen and Michel has been clear since our first meeting. The work and technical prowess coming out of Framestore Pictures is leading our industry to a higher standard and I look forward to continuing that trajectory together.”

Stafford’s collaborators include Zion Williams, Brandon Ingram, Sue Bird and Brianna Stewart. She has directed a range of work for brands such as Hulu, Chipotle, the Seattle Seahawks, Oura Ring and the Special Olympics. In 2020, she directed the Emmy Award-winning short ‘One Shot’ about motocross rider Tyler Bereman, captured in one epic take. Her most recent project was for Domino’s with the agency Work In Progress.

“2022 was a turning point for Framestore Pictures,” said Framestore Pictures Managing Director Jennifer Siegel. “Michel brought new energy and has helped us make significant strides, while signing Rich and Jen has solidified our position as a leader in the space. Their skills and expertise will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective as we continue to create compelling and innovative content for our clients. We are excited to continue building on this momentum in the year ahead."