International production company Epoch Films welcome multi-talented director Elle Brooks-Tao, formerly Elle Ginter, to their esteemed UK roster. 

Brooks-Tao’s passion for giving voices to the voiceless and pushing them to the forefront of her storytelling makes her an invaluable addition to Epoch.

Brooks-Tao has the rare gift of elevating the small, ordinary occurrences of everyday life with the same assurance and dedication as she does documenting Olympic athletes. Her work is quintessentially human; it's powerful and makes you think. She uses her voice to break stereotypes, tell stories about real people, and celebrate those who chart their own course through life. Curiosity seeps through Brooks-Tao’s touch. Weaving between memories, internal monologues, and moments of self-realisation, she creates strong visual metaphors through close-up POVs paired with surreal imagination and affecting narrative performance. 

Brooks-Tao doesn’t make films to push ideas; rather, she brings a sense of understanding and empathy to her subject matter that seeks to release emotions. Known to emphasize overlooked or underestimated characters, Brooks-Tao’s ad work has been recognized by Kinsale Sharks, 1.4, various Cannes Lions, and AICP awards. Her narrative work for the non-profit A21 has been recognized for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Film in over 17 international festivals.

On joining Epoch, Brooks-Tao says: “I always feel that passionate collaborators who share the same taste and aren't afraid to push boundaries a little make for brave, unique work. I'm definitely trying to break some barriers in this next season of work, and partnering with Epoch UK in their own pushing of boundaries and creative growth sounded, frankly, like loads of fun. We have the same mindset in valuing relationships as well as expertise and I'm sure this will be a side-by-side effort in pursuing greatness. The UK has been the most inspiring market, creatively, to me since I began directing, and it's exciting to be able to humbly dip my toe in the water and join the ranks of so many directors I admire and respect.”

Echoing Brooks-Tao’s enthusiasm, Epoch Executive Producer Megan Campbell said: “We are so excited to have Elle join Epoch UK. Having had a brief spell working together in the US many years ago this felt somewhat full circle. Elle is a wonderful human being not to mention an incredibly talented director. The authenticity she brings to her work is what stands out most to us, she’s a perfect fit!”

As a formerly home-schooled kid prone to wandering, you can find Brooks-Tao during her down days running a desert marathon, surfing, or visiting her hometown of Boston.