Los Angeles based Emerald Pictures announce their partnership with renowned Swedish production company Camp David to represent their roster of directors in the United States. 

Founded in Stockholm in 2002, Camp David specialises in moving content, with a work hard-play-hard credo at heart.

The alliance expands the global reach of Emerald Pictures, giving strength to their mission of being a discerning source of talent worldwide, by welcoming Swedish filmmaking masters such as Robert Jitzmark and Sebastian Reed, amongst others. A bold and innovative strategy, the affiliation furthers Emerald’s creative offering while remaining true to their founding vision of being a thoughtfully-curated independent production company. This ability to be both creatively focused and nimble is a winning advantage in the industry’s rapidly changing environment.

Mara Milićević, Emerald Pictures Co-Founder and Managing Director says, “Emerald has always been imagined as a global company, since the very beginning, and this partnership represents not only a continuation, but an expansion of that vision. To see our family of filmmakers grow in this way is incredibly fulfilling and exciting.”

Adds John Duffin, Co-Founder of Emerald Pictures, “Over the past twenty years, Camp David has earned the reputation of being on the cutting edge of filmmaking, with a tremendous ability to nurture talent, which to me is so important. They share our love of immersive storytelling, and a dedication to the art of film craft. They also mentioned something about delivering a suitcase of Swedish meatballs on their first production with us, so we’re obviously very excited!”

Camp David co-founder and Director, Sebastian Reed says, “Camp David’s success over time is due in no small part to our belief in respect, trust and openness during the collaborative process. We realised quickly after meeting Emerald that we were like-minded there. They never want to stop learning, being challenged, or push boundaries within filmmaking, and we can’t wait to start creating with them.”

Robert Jitzmark, fellow Camp David co-founder and Director, adds, “Emerald Pictures feel right in many ways: they are a unique posse of filmmaking wizards, they believe in the spirit of family in the workplace, not to mention the pet elk Carl-Gustaf they keep at their office. Everything made sense to us.”

Kristina Wibom, co-owner and Executive Producer at Camp David also notes, “Whilst this partnership expands both companies international footprint, we are also super excited that Mara and John’s boutique approach to representing directors will always mean championing artistic integrity above all. This was something we looked far and wide for before the happy discovery of Emerald Pictures, who clearly have their finger on the pulse within the dynamic and influential US market.”

Emerald Pictures is a global family of filmmakers, photographers, artists, and producers, all storytellers, brought together by a shared purpose for bringing ideas to life. Our collective accomplishments in the industry give us a unique perspective on how we approach an idea. Our depth of experience has taught us the value of collaboration and uniting around a shared vision for that idea. And our curated roster of global talent brings unique and diverse creative perspectives to every project. So, you share your idea, your challenges, your expectations, and your vision. We’ll combine that with our dedication, our skill, our integrity, and, most of all, our love of ideas. And, together, we’ll make something beautiful.