Durable Goods has signed award-winning comedy director Jeremy Nachbar for U.S. representation. 

A Midwestern boy with a "chamo" heart shaped by his Venezuelan godmother, Loli, Nachbar seamlessly navigates American and Latin American cultures in his commercial output for Bonobos, Netflix, P&G, The Improv, PetSmart, and more. 

“Jeremy is an actor’s director who effortlessly combines raw performance and storytelling gained from his Chicago improv days with high production value he learned coming up on major sets in Los Angeles and New York,” remarks Roxanne Artesona, EP/Head of Sales at Durable Goods. “He doesn't miss a beat when it comes to landing laughs, from character work and performance to dialogue and editing.” 

Nachbar’s directorial breakthrough came with a spot for Bonobos, which showcased his comedic instincts while casting him into the spotlight in Shoot Magazine’s 2022 New Directors Showcase. The campaign is emblematic of Nachbar’s improv background and philosophy on having a well-organised set, as well as his ability to elicit authenticity and humanity in performances. 

"Coming up in improv, I learned two fundamental rules that have guided me as a commercial director collaborating with agencies: let the best idea win, and set aside all egos," remarks Nachbar. "Ultimately, I see myself as a service to the creatives who have dedicated months to selling a concept before landing it, and I feel blessed to play a role in bringing their vision to life."

Nachbar’s other reel highlights include an eccentric campaign for The Improv, which earned Gold honours in four categories at Muse Creative Awards, and a campaign for Cascade via Saatchi & Saatchi. With deliverables in both English and Spanish, the campaign underscores his versatility in crafting compelling commercial narratives that resonate across diverse audiences.

"Thanks to my multicultural upbringing and bilingualism, I'm attuned to nuances between American and Latin American audiences, and storytelling that transcends those boundaries," elaborates Nachbar, who is also represented in the Latin American market by Habitant Productions.

Nachbar's journey into the director's chair began humbly as a production assistant, progressing to roles as first and second assistant director, and line producer. His career flourished upon relocating to New York City, where he assistant-directed music video and commercial shoots for artists like Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, J Balvin, and more. These experiences not only expanded his directorial horizons into new genres and spec work, but also enriched his technical expertise, experimenting with unique lenses, motion control, technocranes, and advanced lighting techniques to elevate the visual language of his films. 

"I didn’t do the film school thing, so my film professors were the directors I was ADing for," recalls Nachbar. "I was a sponge for learning as much as I could. But more importantly, they taught me how the commercial world operates, emphasising the importance of running a tight ship on set (‘Let’s fix it in Pre!’) and how to communicate and collaborate across all departments, from below-the-line to on-screen talent and into post.”  

Nachbar recently showcased his dramatic storytelling prowess in his short film Cindy, a contemporary twist on the classic Cinderella tale, exploring themes of divorce, personal growth, and identity.

"Success in this industry begins with the understanding that it's show business, not show art," concludes Nachbar. “That’s something I’ve learned from great mentors like Roxanne, who played an instrumental role in guiding and shaping my career long before I signed with Durable Goods. Meeting Hani Selim, EP/Managing Partner, only solidified my confidence in joining the roster. His enthusiasm and pragmatism speak volumes. Between their wisdom, experience, and genuine care to uplift and nurture talent, I feel blessed to call this place home."