LA-based production studio Florence welcomes commercial and music video director Dan Carr to its talented roster.

Based in Los Angeles, Carr’s work explores perspective, voice, and intimate stories about being human, all imbued with his characteristic wit. His quirky style combines unique visuals with a rhythmic lived cadence to build distinctive worlds inhabited by memorable characters. He has brought his characteristic eye to projects for clients including Coca Cola, Disney, FIFA World Cup, Dunkin’ Donuts, and The Atlantic, and has worked with Josh Groban and The (actual) Muppets. They were all lovely.

His recent project for French musician Myd’s track Let You Speak, captures the joy that comes from feeling free and unbound. Stunning architectural locations and breathtaking natural backdrops are juxtaposed against the bumbling antics of Myd and his two person film crew, while the artist’s funky and spirited track provides another dimension of contrast.

“As a director, I’m constantly looking for stories exploring complex human emotions and unique human perspectives that form an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer,” says Carr. 

I’m excited to be at a place like FLORENCE where they look to take chances and nurture growth in a range of viewpoints and ideas.

“Dan is a tremendous talent,” says Jerad Anderson, Founder/EP of Florence. “He has his finger on the pulse of culture and has a knack for lending unique humour and style to everything he does. We’re very excited to welcome him to our roster.”