French director Cedric Dubourg began his career as a director at Marcel agency in Paris which is still considered the flagship agency of Publics today. 

For several years he worked for brands such as Orange, Biotherm, Samsung and Cartier. He then began to shoot music videos, especially for the new sensations of the French electropop scene such as HER, Romeo Elvis, Ash Kidd. 

Dubourg is very passionate about sports, lifestyle and street culture. He has gained extensive experience in advertising and sports documentaries and has created his own strong and modern visual identity. Due to his sharp art direction and bold casting decisions, he gives each of his films a tough and aesthetic look at today's trends. 

Jana Melzer, who recently became executive producer at Soup Film, fondly remembers shooting with Dubourg. "Cédric really always has creative ideas. I remember a shoot in May where we were surprised by snow and rain, panic spread among the team. For Cédric, it was nothing to worry about. His complex thinking and technical know-how helped us to produce a great summer film nevertheless". 

Clients such as Volkswagen, Peugeot, Jeep, Hyundai, Nissan and Adidas have already put their trust in working with Dubourg. “I am really happy to join the Soup Family! For me it’s a great opportunity to continue working on German campaigns that I find so creative and inspiring”, Dubourg reports. “From our first collaboration for the VW film there was a “Match”!. Soup’s professionalism and energy is a dream for any director and I am proud to continue working with them. The adventure has just begun, and I am sure we will achieve great things together!” 

Soup Film sets out a new exciting chapter and is looking forward to creating fantastic projects with Cédric Dubourg.