As Vice President of Marketing and a member of the Executive Leadership Team at SpeedProDanielle Yuthas is used to shaping creative visions. 

With a company that works as an innovative production partner to major brands, agencies, studios, and more across the advertising, branding, and experiential space, the Colorado State University grad is used to trusting her creative instincts and unearthing the creative spark within projects, a passion she clearly brings to the items around her workspace too.

From cheeky takes on old masters to colourful pads that have both practical and emotional purposes, Yuthas' curated space is a vibrant, invigorating look.

The Portrait

Mona Lisa chewing bubble gum on a graffiti background hangs in my SpeedPro office.

She reminds me how powerful and transformational the work that we do with graphics can be and to inspire reinvention. 

Sometimes an old classic needs a new twist to be relevant or grab attention in a new way.

The Wallpaper

In my home office, I have wallpaper from Chasing Paper on my video call background wall of matchboxes from renowned New York Restaurants. 

The drawings are by Danielle Kroll who uses vibrant colors and a flair of whimsy that are inspiring on their own. 

It also puts me in a New York state of mind – I’m somehow a New Yorker at heart even though I’m a Denver native. 

It brings back the elegance and old-world glamour of the era of grabbing a matchbox on a visit to the Rainbow Room.

The Street Art

In our company's Home Office, we have a wall mural on a real brick wall that looks like street art but was printed and installed in-house. 

The art is King Kong on the leaning tower of Pisa and the message is for all of our team and our franchisees to "Print Big and Dream Bigger". 

We have fun while building our business.

The Legal Pads

I have legal pads everywhere to scribble my ideas and plans on. 

I have them in all colors, but the traditional yellow is my favorite. 

They also remind me of my late Dad, who was a lawyer.

The 'Painted Ladies'

What I thought was a watercolor painting of the Painted Ladies that I bought from a “street artist” on my first trip to my beloved San Francisco, hangs on my wall. 

It always makes me smile because I later saw the same image on a Photoshop tutorial on imitating watercolor on prints. 

Even though I now know it’s a fake, I admire the entrepreneurship.

The Calendar

My calendar where I track progress of various personal goals and I remind myself vacation is ahead is a wall calendar of cartoons from The New Yorker. 

I start my day out with a laugh and a reality check.

It’s also a nod to Seinfeld, which is a comedy classic and I’ve been re-watching it lately.

The Officemate

My number one favorite thing is my home officemate, my cat Gladys.