London based Spindle are delighted to announce that comedy director and writer Daniel Lundh has joined the roster for representation in the UK.

Since kicking off his career directing a mockumentary for Adidas at the prestigious design collective SNASK, followed by representation at ACNE, Swedish director Daniel Lundh has gone on to hone award-winning character comedy and drama for a variety of formats.

Lundh’s work blends a distinct style of art direction, mixed with brilliantly observed comedic performances. His widely recognised short-film People in Cars is a 16minute masterclass of‘creating truthful dialogue’ and highlights his ability to distil and amplify the comic essence out of his work. These great performances are often attributed to his obsession with casting and openness to improvisation.

“Finding the right character is what it comes down to. Sure, you need good ideas and it’s hard to make films, but if the casting went well, a lot of my work is done. I’m also a firm believer of improvisation. Someone once said, ‘always leave the door open on set, you never know who or what might pop in’. Technically speaking this doesn’t work at all, but having that mindset is crucial when creating comedy, and it’s a pretty cool metaphor…”

One of Lundh’s secret weapons to push the comedy potential out of every idea is his bank of tested concepts and setups. An annual trip with his two brothers to write comedy, film sketches, spoof trailers and mockumentaries is set in stone and the resulting material generated has been made into a sketch show for Swedish Radio. More of his original work has been made into a TV pilot and a TV series born from Lundh’s People in Cars short is in development.

Daniel’s comic versatility and signature style has seen him create work for Adidas, IKEA, Microsoft, Samsung, Coca Cola and Google, and we are very excited to see the UK market connect with this winning formula.

Daniel Lundh:

I’m thrilled to be joining Spindle, their work and overall tone of voice really spoke to me. As filmmaker you obviously want to be surrounded by people who share the same kind of passion for the work, and Spindle is all about passion which I find quite refreshing these days. This combination ultimately feels like a great match and great opportunity to keep me making more stupid films.

Managing Partner Miles Nathan:

We’re really proud to welcome Daniel Lundh to Spindle as our newest signing - a comedy director that actually succeeds in making funny films. Through great timing and finding those characters you can’t take your eyes off! Daniel just has funny bones and we can’t wait to help him make some properly funny, weird AF ads in the UK.

Executive Producer Leonie Ellis:

Daniel’s work is a heady combination of a skilled visual eye mixed with a real understanding of the essence of comedy. He is a fresh bout of comic vision and energy.