Champion and 72andSunny launches a global film tied to the Champion What Moves You campaign.

The campaign centres on how at the core of streetwear’s evolution lies a defiant spirit. One that is relentless, unbound by rules, expectations, or norms. As the brand that invented the world's-first hoodie and patented the Reverse Weave technology, Champion is on a mission to provide every creator a canvas to live their true purpose and a platform to tell their stories. And the spot highlights the unique stories of designers past and present, who embody this no-permission ethos as they make their mark on the world.

The global film acts as a rallying cry to creators everywhere: you don’t need permission to make your mark. It grounds the story in Champions heritage as a brand that zigged in a zagging world to create an icon: the hoodie. It then focuses on the incredible story of iconic streetwear brands making their mark on Champion’s iconic hoodie, without permission, to inspire a new generation to create the icons of tomorrow.

Champion – The No Permission Collection

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In support, Champion and 72andSunny also hosted an event to celebrate these past designs. For one night only, the collection was on display at the Brooklyn Museum featuring early Supreme, Kith, Pyrex, and Bape designs on Champion blanks, as well as pieces designed by emerging creators who are just starting to make their mark on the world today.

These next-generation Creators (who created a 1:1 design to display at the “No Permission” Event at the Brooklyn Museum) each take the reins on their art as forms of self-expression and do not seek permission to push boundaries in their areas of passion.

  • Qaysean Williams - Referred to as “The One-Hand Sewing Man” Qaysean Williams was born with nerve damage to his left arm and despite his disability, he’s managed to make his mark on the fashion world through his innovative and boundary-pushing designs. Embodying the No Permission ethos, his work consistently demonstrates the power of fearless creative expression.
  • Kate Weinberg - Characterized by bold patterns and fearless use of color, Kate Weinberg work encourages self-expression without constraints. A graphic designer by trade, Kate utilizes her talent to reimagine marketing campaigns for brands she loves on social media to showcase the diverse ways you can create the art you want to see without seeking permission.
  • Justin Mensinger - Designer Justin Mensinger is known for his focus on sustainability and unique approach to upcycling materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Justin honed in on his ability to reuse, and reimagine any material he can get his hands on regardless of permission, turning discarded and ordinary materials into wearable works of art.
  • Cheatin Snakes - Cheating Snakes is known for the distinct and vibrant graffiti art that adorns each of their clothing and novelty items.
  • Anna Molinari - Budding designer, Anna Molinari, demonstrates a fervent dedication to sustainable fashion through pioneering designs that utilize discarded and pre-owned materials. Viewing her clothing creations as more than just fashion items; Anna sees each piece as a medium for conveying crucial messages from sustainability to current events and human rights.

To get everyone involved, Champion also hosted a social first scavenger hunt with pieces from The No Permission Collection where early designs by iconic streetwear brands on Champion blanks were hidden in cities across the country; local influencers shared clues to their location.

In 2023, Champion unveiled the first iteration of the campaign, Champion What Moves You, as a bold rallying cry for creators around the world to craft with purpose and catalyze change through their unique talents. With this year’s focus on design and designers, the brand is continuing its mission to be a canvas for culture and creativity by giving the design community a platform to share their art with the world.

Champion Creator’s Program Champion isn’t just talking the talk. The brand continues the “Champion Creator’s Program,” for a second season which celebrates the power, expression, and purpose of creators from various backgrounds by awarding product blanks and funding to deserving creators whose projects demonstrate innovation, community impact, scale, and creativity. Creators interested in applying can visit starting in June.

Applicants must be 18 years old at the time of application; U.S. based, fall within at least one of the following creative disciplines: Athletes, Artists, Musicians; and agree to a background check upon notification of selection to the 2024 Champion Creator’s Program.

As a commitment to supporting the visions of emerging designers, Champion is also partnering with the Pensole Academy Design Center in the coming months stay tuned for more information.

Geoff McHenry, Head of Strategy at 72andSunny: "There's no doubt that Champion has a rich history and heritage. The challenge was how do we make the next generation care about the critical role that Champion has played in culture? The team dug up a unique insight—some of Gen Z's favorite brands (Supreme, Kith, Pyrex, Bape, etc.) all made their early designs on Champion Blanks. This insight was too powerful to be contained to one medium, so we created an entire world around it. Launching with a display at the Brooklyn Museum, showcasing rare, early designs by iconic brands together for the first time.”

Rich McLeod, Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Champion: “Champion has been and will remain a vital component of the narrative for many of the world's most culturally significant fashion brands. As we transition into the next chapter of our brand journey, we persist in reshaping the very essence of what it means to embody a Champion. This campaign serves as a rallying cry for creators worldwide to drive change, pursue their passion and empower their communities."