Marking her arrival at the independent film studio Caviar with a series of comedic spots for streaming service Hulu, Elizabeth Orne is the latest addition to the studio’s growing roster, joining for US representation.

Orne’s eye for colour, composition and artistic voice developed as an undergrad in Art History, with her new vibrant work for Hulu brilliantly showcasing these talents. Graduating from NYU’s Graduate Film Programme, her thesis film Crazy Glue was nominated for the Student Academy Award and was an official selection at the Telluride Film Festival.

With her creative mind shaped by old stories, passed down through generations; Orne carries with her an innate sense of fun and a little bit of magic. Captured within her work, her directing style is a unique mix of dry humour and irreverent undertones wrapped up in an unmistakably cinematic framework.

Gaining critical attention for her work, Orne was selected by SHOOT as a New Director to Watch, and was one of Free the Bid’s first featured ‘Unsigned’ directors, subsequently chosen to direct an ad for Archer Roose wine starring Elizabeth Banks.

Over the last year, Orne has worked with brands such as Weight Watchers, Hisense, Cricket, SIMS, LinkedIn, Juniper, Lumin, Vitalite, Hulu, and WW, adding to an already extensive list of brand collaborations including LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal, Coors, Dove, Dreamworks and Disney, to name a few.

Working recently with online streaming service, Hulu, for their campaign Be Obsessed; the films Couch and Cheating, delve into the ridiculous situations that audiences get themselves into whilst binge watching a new series. From ‘cheating’ on your partner by finishing a series without them, to creating a permanent impression on the couch from the many hours of binge watching; the campaign highlights the weird and wonderful ways that audiences let their TV obsessions shape their lives and minds.

Elizabeth Orne, director at Caviar comments: “So many directors whose work I admire are represented by Caviar. There is a real commitment to cinematic comedy and great filmmaking here. Looking ahead, I am eager to do bigger VFX campaigns!”

Talking of her recent Hulu project, Orne adds: “The campaign's theme of "obsession" was really fun to play with. Characters who are single mindedly obsessed with something are inherently hilarious. Charles and Chris (the Hulu Creatives) did a great job mining all the silly ways in which our collective binge watching obsessions can manifest in our lives. Though the scripts were really funny, they were also relatable.”

Kim Dellara, executive producer at Caviar, adds: “It was really exciting that we were to bring such a great project in for Elizabeth within weeks of her signing. We both laughed out loud reviewing these scripts and it was obvious from the first call that this was going to be a perfect fit for Elizabeth. We are so thrilled with the way the pieces came out and I can’t wait to see what we do next!”