Berlin and NYC-based production powerhouse Bonaparte announce an exciting partnership with NAVADA, Zurich’s rising female-driven film production company. 

The strategic partnership, known as NxB, symbolises the convergence of mutual passions and the unwavering dedication of both companies to authentic, innovative, and boundary-pushing storytelling. 

Launched just ten months ago, NAVADA’s mission is to work with creative individuals from all backgrounds and genders, while strongly focused on empowering female creatives. Spearheaded by managing partner and executive producer Mariska van Lavieren, alongside managing partner Laura Šerić, NAVADA is committed to breaking down barriers and telling stories in a way that is authentic, inspiring and transformative.

Sharing the ethos of nurturing diverse talent and pushing boundaries in various formats, Bonaparte saw an ideal opportunity to partner with the burgeoning production company to create narratives rich in local insights that captivate audiences worldwide. 

While maintaining each company’s individual identities, the formation of NxB also brings together their strengths, NAVADA with its fresh energy, deep understanding of young Swiss culture, values, and creative agility, and Bonaparte with its significant international production expertise and resources. 

Equipped with NAVADA's regional knowledge and Bonaparte's global outlook, the collaboration is perfectly positioned to produce a range of content, from longform narratives, to branded entertainment, to social media snippets, that resonates on multiple levels. Exclusive directors represented by Bonaparte in Switzerland will now be under the NAVADA umbrella, enhancing the collective talent pool and expanding opportunities for collaboration on larger projects. 

Nico Kreis MD at Bonaparte, comments: “The goal is more than just a business venture: it's a coming together of shared passions. A commitment to storytelling that’s as honest and heartfelt as it is innovative and boundary-pushing. Stories that resonate, that move people, with a lasting impact.