Located in the vibrant heart of Shoreditch, London, you'll find Behind Studios, a creative post production studio with a passion for bringing stories to life. 

Behind Studios journey began with Tomas Ossipoff, Founder and Executive Producer of Behind Studios, who worked for brands like Coke, Modelo, Burger King and many others. His intuition for the industry's pulse sets the tone for what Behind Studios do.

Joining forces with Ossipoff is Ruslan Borysov, Partner and Creative Director at Behind Studios. A VFX wizard known for his contributions to blockbuster films such as X-Men, Underwater and The Predator. Former talent at The Mill, Ruslan’s creative expertise received a nomination at the Hollywood Professional Awards for Best Visual Effects for his work on Ghost in the Shell.

Above: Tomas Ossipoff and Ruslan Borysov.

At Behind Studios, they thrive on what you call Creative Synergy. It's not just about providing services; it's about becoming your creative partners. Behind seamlessly blend Online and VFX, offering an extraordinary adventure in storytelling. 

Step into Behind Studios, where they believe in 'Where Artistry Converges with Diversity, Redefining Relevance.' Behind Studios are here to redefine, not just our industry, but the way we connect through creativity. Welcome to a space where honesty meets artistry.