ArtClass announce the signing of director Jesse Ray Diamond, a dynamic talent known for his authentic and compelling storytelling.

Originally from the Bay Area and now based in Los Angeles, Diamond's multifarious upbringing shaped his bold and raw directing style. His distinctive voice and unfiltered approach to storytelling has quickly made him a stand-out talent among the new generation of filmmakers.

“Welcoming Jesse to the roster commences an important period of growth for the company," said ArtClass Managing Director Rebecca Niles. "Jesse’s work makes a lasting impression; it transcends niche or category. He delivers you an overall style, a cultural vibe, a feeling. He connects with the creative on a different level. From our first meeting years ago, it was clear he is not meant to be put in a box. We’ve begun the formal relationship on three jobs with completely different clients and goals, the throughline being his impassioned eye and creative perspective.

“I wanted to ensure that the production company I joined shared the same vision of not being boxed in, and is just as excited as I am to creatively explore and tell different stories,” adds Director Jesse Ray Diamond. “I wanted a company that championed a diverse roster and didn’t want to just stay in a lane that works for them but to expand its artistic acceptance of what we all want to create. When it came time in my career to join a production family, without a question, ArtClass was that home.”

“I’ve known Rebecca for a few years now, and we have been on each other’s radar, but seeing her help grow ArtClass into what it is today, and the creative acceptance they have, I knew that my voice and style of film-making would be welcomed,” he continues. “I am truly excited to continue building in unison with Artclass, and bring a raw, curious, and heartfelt perspective to our projects.”

Diamond brings a multi-faceted skill set to his directorial work, integrating editing, writing, and photography into a seamless creative process. His distinctive approach has captured the attention of prestigious agencies such as Leo Burnett, We Are Social, and Wasserman with global brands including Apple, Netflix, Samsung, Beats By Dre, The NBA, AT&T, Nike, Adidas, and Calvin Klein.

Over the last decade, Diamond has dedicated himself to disciplined filmmaking, focusing on stories, subjects, and products with aesthetic appreciation, intellectual curiosity, and passionately captured perspectives. His works, including Broken Ground and The Workshop, have been officially selected at distinguished film festivals around the world, such as the Mammoth Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, The Lift-Off Network, South Texas International Film Festival, and Tokyo Film Festival. His recent projects include Beats By Dre, which highlights Ivan Cornejo's story for Hispanic Heritage Month, and the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra, featuring rising Twitch streamer Fuslie.