Ann Asprodites has added the food and beverage production company French Butter to her roster. The move teams her with the company that was founded by Director Brett Froomer and is led by CEO Susan Froomer and Executive Producer Irec Kriske.

Asprodites, whose repping firm is Asprodites Reps, will represent Froomer and French Butter directors Etienne Proulx and the recently signed Jennifer Davick in the Texas and Southeast US markets. She joins a French Butter sales team that also includes Sonia Blum and Ally Khajenouri of Sonia Reps, who cover the Midwest. West Coast and Northeast sales are currently handled internally. 

Asprodites is a well-known and highly experienced member of the advertising production and post production community, and has extensive contacts at agencies across the Southeast and Texas. Working from her base in New Orleans, she’s established not only a thriving representation business but also become an industry leader in her own right, serving as a founding member of AIR, the Alliance of Independent Representatives, where she serves as Vice President. 

Asprodites says she’s been aware of French Butter for some time, but didn’t get genuinely introduced to the company until she met Kriske and Froomer at SXSW last year. “Of course I knew about French Butter,” she explains. “Some of my favourite ‘Rep In Laws’ work with them, and as a member of the repping community, you know about the good companies. Then, when I met Brett at a SXSW party, we showed off our conversational skills with rapid-fire repartee.” 

“Ann's experience and unique perspective will contribute to building stronger client relationships, identifying new opportunities, and ultimately increasing our pitch rate and our winning percentage,” says Kriske. “With her joining our team, we’re aiming to leverage her expertise, relationships and skills to drive growth and expand our market. Her relationships with clients are not just transactional; they’re built on trust, mutual respect, and a genuine understanding of their needs. Her dynamic nature and deep connections make her an invaluable asset for representing French Butter to her agency clients and contacts."

Asprodites has represented food and beverage directors in the past, and understands the nuances of this highly specialized genre of commercial production – which positions her well to extend the French Butter brand into new territories. “Food and tabletop is a niche, of course, but sexy food / tabletop is unique,” she observes. “Truly, the work of the French Butter directors speaks for itself. I’ll be identifying some smaller direct-to-brand opportunities for them, as well as hitting the blue chip agencies and brands.”

She’s eager to get more involved with the company, citing things like its strong technical foundation at its Pilsen Studios facility in Chicago and the fact that it’s a certified woman-owned company, under the leadership of CEO Susan Froomer, Brett’s wife. “Brett, Susan and Irec are all so well connected; they’re smart and fun people to be around,” she adds. “I’m confident they’ll parlay my sales efforts into the wider French Butter family.”