Editors Andrea MacArthur and Amanda Perry, whose work individually and as a team has garnered Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils and other industry honors, have joined bicoastal Union for exclusive representation in the US. 

Collaborating with top talents such as Dante Ariola, Bryan Buckley, Antoine Fuqua, Tom Kuntz, and Fredrik Bond, their genre-hopping projects for HP (BBDO), Johnnie Walker (Anomaly), Runaway Train 25  (MHVCCP) and more show a dexterity with storytelling that is equally effective with comedy, drama, and visuals of any scope. MacArthur and Perry come over from Lost Planet, and maintain their own company, Bread and Butter.

“It is so rare that you get an opportunity to work with the level of talent that Andrea and Amanda bring to Union,” said Partner/Managing Director Michael Raimondi. “I have been a fan of their work for a very long time. The fact that they are both coming on board is amazing for us as a company. We are thrilled to have them.”

“We want what everyone wants, to do great work with nice people,” said MacArthur of her and Perry’s new home. “Union provides that context, and they tend to collaborate with a great bunch of people.”

The pair first met at Sam Sneade Editorial in London, where Perry briefly assisted MacArthur, who said she identified the former as “obviously a great talent.” Perry progressed quickly, and soon she and MacArthur teamed up on an HP sizeable project for BBDO. They partnered in Peepshow Post in London and New York, and have been business partners ever since. “Sometimes, we work as a team or one of us will be lead editor, depending on who’s called us,” MacArthur explained. Said Perry: “Even when we’re not working on the same job, we kind of work together.”

MacArthur, whose spots can tug on heartstrings (Budweiser Puppy), go for laughs (Lyft Riding is the New Driving), or deliver humor with a message (Barbie Imagine), observed, “It’s easy to get pigeon-holed, but I was very lucky with Dante in that he was just comedy at first, then evolved into special effects, and I had the opportunity to evolve along with him.” Similarly, Perry leaps from powerful human interest spots (Water is Life) to smart comedy (Netflix Sara) and everything in between. “I started off doing comedy thanks to Andrea’s introductions, and as I grew as an editor, I got to do different kinds of things,” Perry recalled. “Regardless of genre, we love any opportunity to tell a good story.” Overall, said MacArthur, “Amanda and I feel very comfortable fighting against stereotype.”