AMC Theatres, the largest theatrical exhibitor in the U.S. and in the world, and The Coca-Cola Company announced a new Flavor Make It program to invite the next generation of moviegoers to the theatre. 

The program builds on the century-long partnership between AMC and The Coca-Cola Company that has helped make popcorn and Coca-Cola synonymous with moviegoing for generations.   

Developed by Barkley, one of the largest independent creative idea companies in the U.S., the Flavor Make It campaign encourages the Gen Z audience to come to the movies and enjoy a combo deal made for them: A small AMC popcorn and small Coca-Cola Freestyle drink for just $5. In addition to this great value, an exclusive Flavor Maker menu unlocks three new custom flavours on Coca-Cola Freestyle: Lime Traveler, Slasher Splasher and Mello-Drama.

AMC Theaters – Flavor Make It

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“Listening and learning what our audience wants was essential to creating an offering that excites and invigorates them into coming out to the theatre,” said Pamela Sandler, AMC Vice President Brand Marketing. “What we found is that in addition to a shared, totally immersive experience, the Gen Z audience wants creativity and flexibility to be themselves. The Flavor Make It campaign is designed to provide an offer with significant value, but to also add a fun, creative twist on it with these fantastic new flavour mixes.”

The campaign rolls out today with the Flavor Make It anthem, a fun, funky, frenetic celebration of the flavour experience that only the perfect combination of AMC popcorn and Coca-Cola Freestyle flavours can unlock. The piece features a group of teenage friends out at their AMC, buying the AMC and Coke Flavor Make It Combo. With popcorn in hand and phones set aside, the teens descend on the Coca-Cola Freestyle. With one push of the Freestyle button, they’re transported to a vibrant, animated world of quirky fun inspired by the flavours they’ve chosen–all scored to an original track inspired by the TikTok earworms currently dominating Gen Z headphones. The piece resolves with the teens taken back to reality with elements of animation still interacting with them, from streams of colour to comically giant eyes. 

Barkley partnered with production company, Laundry and music house, Squeak E-Clean to create the piece. If you listen closely enough, you’ll hear a lyrical easter egg, “we come to this place for flavour,” that nods to AMC’s iconic We Make Movies Better brand campaign spot.

The spots will be supported across TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. They will leverage key Gen Z influencers from musicians creating their own versions of the music track featured in the piece to teen movie reviewers giving their reviews of the Flavor Make It combo. That work will launch at the beginning of May, and the campaign will run through 2023. 

The custom Coca-Cola Freestyle flavours are supported by a dedicated landing page that also prompts sharing custom flavour combos and snack hacks from concessions on social using #FlavorMakeIt. The web page also houses Apple and Google Wallet buttons for them to save the Flavor Make It deal for easy access when redeeming at the theatre.

“Even teens are nostalgic over a trip to the movies for the classic combo of movies, popcorn, and a Coke. Our work is meant to celebrate Gen Z, this iconic partnership, and the pure joy that comes from going to the movies,” said Katy Hornaday, Chief Creative Officer, Barkley.