In a strategic move, Ambassadors and Amp.Amsterdam announce an official merger, marking a new era in creative production. This partnership, initiated over two years ago, has matured into a full merger, driven by a mutual passion for creativity, craft and technology.

Tracing back to its roots, Ambassadors was founded in 2007 by Halbo van der Klaauw and Diederik Veelo, quickly establishing itself as a leader in creative production. Amp.Amsterdam, established in 2013 by Joost Haartsen, is acclaimed for its expertise in sonic branding, commercial music, and sound design. Once neighbors on the Herengracht, Ambassadors and Amp.Amsterdam have now seamlessly integrated their operations and vision.

At the helm of this exciting new venture is newly appointed Managing Director, Sanne Tolsma, who brings a wealth of experience in international business and agency management. Tolsma sheds light on the distinctive nature of this merger, "At Ambassadors, we are not just a company; we are Ambassadors for Imagination. Meaning you imagine it, we make it. From design and animation to AI technology and voice synthesis, we provide state-of-the-art, innovative solutions. And if the right tools and tech don't exist, we create them in our Ambassador Lab."

Responding to the evolving market needs, the newly formed entity promises high-quality creative solutions. "Our vision is to blend creativity, craft, and technology, in doing so bringing imagination to life in the most impactful ways," Haartsen notes. Van der Klaauw echoes this sentiment, emphasising the synergy of integrated teams in elevating creative output across diverse services. The role of technology, particularly with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, is increasingly pivotal. 'Years ago, through our innovation hub, Ambassadors Lab, we were already pioneering in this field,” Van der Klaauw observes.

Tolsma also points to the ambition for an expansive global presence, "Building on our Amsterdam roots, we're excited about our new international ventures, like the recent opening of our office in Berlin, marking our move into global creative hubs and communities."

With the merger of Ambassadors and Amp.Amsterdam, a new standard in the industry is set. As 'Ambassadors for Imagination,' we stand at the forefront, ready to challenge and expand the horizons of creative production and global partnership. This is just the beginning of a transformative journey. Stay tuned.