Agile Studio has rebranded with a new visual identity, rolled out a new website and appointed a new ECD.

The rebrand nods to the way that the studio creates, collaborates and concepts ideas; fresh, dynamic and evolving. With a reimagined visual identity and website, the process marks an exciting new phase for Agile Studio that sees them take 20 years of film production expertise and splice it with tech and design capabilities, to deliver work that builds out digital and physical worlds. 

Being part of the Agile Group means that the studio has deep roots in production and access to an incredible roster of director talent, which, together with capability in VFX, animation, AR/VR, CGI, gaming and mixed reality experiences, make a compelling proposition for their partners.

“The ambition to widen our creative offering started with the appointment of James Wallingford, formerly at Unit 9, as Joint Managing Director in late 2022. Wallingford’s appointment, along with our most recent hire, Daniel Canetti as Executive Creative Director, will really strengthen our team and I’m excited about the new opportunities this will open up,” says Richard South, Joint Managing Director. 

Canetti has been appointed to steer creative direction and projects in collaboration with our portfolio of directors, a seamless in-house set-up that allows us to create work that is strategic, ambitious and forward-thinking. 

“Agile Studio switches up the usual process in the way it concepts and creates work, by drawing on production heritage as well as studio tech and VFX expertise to connect brands straight to the source. We have a spectrum of culturally relevant directors, creators and creative technologists who make work that actually cuts through,” says Canetti, who has held roles at Nike, Warner Music Group, Boiler Room and Vice.

“Working in collaboration with our clients, we’re able to develop work that’s finely tuned, relevant and progressive,” says James Wallingford, Joint Managing Director. “With Daniel’s appointment as ECD, there’s no limit to how far we can take a concept. We’re keen to embrace the creative potential of AI and use it to enhance our storytelling and evolve how we do production from script to delivery and beyond.”

The work

On the mix of work itself, Agile is targeting sectors close to culture and emerging technologies including fashion, lifestyle, gaming, sports, music and film. The focus is on opportunities that sit between lead campaigns and socials, be it CGI idents, documentaries, apps, animated shorts, bespoke IP-led executions, experiential, or elevated e-commerce. 

“With the landscape evolving so rapidly, whether that’s the capability of ‘one man band’ type creators or brands taking campaigns in-house, it’s an exciting time to develop work that’s built differently,” says Canetti.

Fresh look, new moves

The new mark, accentuated by new typography, gives a strong, versatile graphic presence that exists as part of an extended body of 2D and 3D structures that can be animated and evolved to uphold a dynamic brand suite. 

“Twisting our monogram into a new form that can extrude new dimensions while retaining a strong brand connection was key to the design play,” says David Horsburgh, Creative Director behind the new identity. 

“We like to challenge briefs and break conceptions and this can be seen throughout our design and the way we think about our work.”

“Canela, the primary typeface, spans an intriguing space between a reimagined softer Caslon style Serif and a more graphic Sans and sits across our web and print media. The secondary typeface, Mori, serves as a more versatile, contemporary typography for body copy, and this pairing allows us to be both deliberately crisp and boldly graphic in our typographic layouts.”

This newness plays out across a new website, on which you can see the studio's body of work.