Being a parent is a full time job and sometimes it can be even more stressful than your actual career, especially if you've got teenagers who refuse to text you where they are no matter how many times you nag them to.

We've seen parents creepily and secretly spy on their kids through GPS tracking but Publicis have come up with a much friendlier - and hassle free - approach for Renault; the mum button.

This smart button is easily connected to the dashboard of the car, working across Android and iOS phones, as seen in the below campaign film from Fréderic Dano.

The button provides kids with an easy way to let their parents know where they are.

All they have to do is enter a telephone number - suggested recipients include mum or dad - and message of choice - something along the lines of 'I’ve arrived safely, love you!’ (if you're lucky) - and then all they have to do, is hit the button when they get to their destination and the message will be automatically sent to reassure worried parents at home.

These buttons are now available for purchase in 11 countries, so get yours ordered here and start enjoying a more-stress free life. 

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