Advertising at a football stadium is one of the most desired places for brands knowing just how many eyeballs will be fixated on the players and the pitch.

Tapping into this, Comunicação devised a clever campaign for Unilever to promote leading Brazilian detergent brand, Omo. 

Footballers get dirty, right? So what better way to highlight the strength of the laundry brand than by involving the players in the marketing campaign... as they play?

Omo Sports sponsored Brazilian team, the Corinthians, and placed ads on each team player's shirt. However the ads were initially invisible, activated only once the players had worked up a sweat on the field during the opening game in the Brasileirão 2018.

The longer they played and the harder they sweated, the more the brand's logo appeared - thanks to Hydrochromic ink's reaction with water.



"Just as Omo is one of the most remembered and used brands of the Brazilians, football is the favorite sport," says Omo's marketing director Giovanna Gomes. "Nothing better than showing what mark every drop of sweat makes while also being associated with a sport that connects and excites people."

What an innovative way to capture the attention of sports fans and remind them of the importance of clean laundry!

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