Imagine if a piece of paper could save your life and that of your family. An innovative campaign from Grey Poland does just that, rolling out a life-saving hack to protect Poles against carbon monoxide poisioning.

Responding to statistics that revealed 100 Polish people die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning in Poland, the agency came up with a creatively simple solution.

To test whether your air vent is blocked and to ensure the protection of your loved ones from a carbon monoxide leak in the house, the agency distributed instructional leaflets encouraging residents to put the piece of paper across the vent to see if it stuck.



Houses should have a constant draft flowing through then so under normal conditions if the air vent is working, the paper should stick to the vent.

In partnership with the Polish fire department and brands, PEPCO, LEWIATAN and Złote Tarasy, 28 million leaflets were turned into ads teaching Poles how to keep their families safe.

The simple and easy-to-use campaign taught homeowners about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning while also saving lives. 

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