We all know about the effects of climate change but have you ever wondered how it could affect the wine you drink? 

While some countries have benefited from the change in temperature and been able to grow grapes that can be converted into wine, spare a thought for France, home of the Bordeaux red wine.

According to the UN's Climate Change Conference of Paris, the Bordeaux wine region will suffer a 2°C rise in temperature by 2050, increasing from 2 to 4 °C, which could dramatically affect its infamous crop.

Hailstorms, serious floods and intense droughts will take over the region and risk spoiling the grape.

To hammer the message home and alert people to the very real - and tangible - effects of global warming, McCann France has created BORDEAUX 2050, simulating what wine of the future could taste like. And the result is a more dense, less refined and dry finish.



"BORDEAUX 2050 is the symbol of our responsibility towards the planet," says the agency's ECDs Riccardo Fregoso and Julien Chiapolini.

So while this campaign won't eliminate global warming entirely, it does a good job of encouraging us to start thinking about how we and various commodities will be affected in future.

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