Directors Jessica Benzing and Maximilian Gerlach, known as KRONCK, are now part of Great Guns' roster.

The German duo have directed ads for brands such as Coca-Cola, Loctite Super Glue, Allianz, Durex, Sony Erickson, and their work has won numerous awards, including gold at the Global Awards, as well as being shortlisted at Cannes Lions.

"As a female and male creative partnership, KRONCK on some level already defies categorisation," says Great Guns' executive producer Carl Wyant. "Coupled with their comedic visual storytelling and unique art design, KRONCK’s work references fashion, music, art, pop and youth culture - making them relevant to so many brands. Ultimately, it’s just amazingly fun to look at. Everyone who’s seen KRONCK’s reel realises how fresh and imaginative they are for the American market, and all of us at Great Guns are very excited to have them on board."

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