6.30: Cold brew. On ice, all day long… The sun is already high here in New Mexico. We are moving back to London in a few days after a year-long sabbatical here, and there is a lot to do. I am shooting today for a feature doc I am making and camping at night. Trying to cram too much in…


7.00: The dog got sprayed by a skunk last night and is in the metaphorical and physical doghouse. The smell is like rotting flesh mixed with toxic chemical spill. He needs a walk.


7.45: My girls are going to the stables where they spend every possible second. My creative life is entwined with and informed by being a mother to these amazing, funny and bonkers girls (the tie-dyed one is an adored friend…)


9.00: The talented filmmaker Jilanne Spitzmiller is shooting for me here in New Mexico. 10 more locations round the globe after this. Eeeeeek!


11.30: Dead dog.


12.00: Taco luncheon.


13.00: We are filming in the house of Rachael Lorenzo on Laguna Pueblo. She’s kick ass, inspiring, and says she tries to be woke. It’s an honour to hear her story.


16.00: Oh, New Mexico, I will miss your contrariness…


18.00: At the stables trying to find my girls so we can head to Ghost Ranch for the night.


19.30: Ghost Ranch, blurry Ester.


20.00: Horses at dusk. Dreamy.

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