Donating to charity can often feel a bit abstract - even though you know it's ultimately doing good, your money can feel as though it's just floated off into the ether, with no tangible results. 

To help people 'see' the fruits of their generosity and encourage donations, Mended Little Hearts, a US non-profit organisation supporting patients affected by congenital heart disease and Saatchi & Saatchi New York have come up with a charming and clever solution: a responsive animation that becomes more sophisticated, detailed and uplifting the more you donate.

Tying in with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Awareness Week, the campaign demonstrates, in a suitably heart-warming way, how donations directly enrich the lives of children suffering from CHD.


Designed by Caviar Digital, the 'Give A Fuller Life' website follows a day in the life of an animated version of Max Page, a real 11-year-old boy born with a heart defect. Depending on the amount pledged, viewers watch one of five different animation levels created by Oscar-nominated Studio AKA via Blacklist: on the lowest amount, Max wanders through a featureless void filled with strange shadows, while at the highest donation level he experiences a colourful, bustling city complete with friends, family and a cast of animal companions.



"Mended Little Hearts improves the quality of life for families faced with congenital heart defects through the power of connection," says national program director Jodi Lemacks. "This innovative campaign demonstrates how engaging with Mended Little Hearts can create a fuller life, in this case through a fun, interactive video."

You can watch Max's day out at and share using the hashtag #GiveAFullerLife.

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