It’s a rather lonely start to the week for Faustin Claverie [pictured above right], joint ECD at TBWAParis, as his creative partner Benjamin Marchal has temporarily swopped briefs for (milk) bottles and presentations for poo-filled nappies. It seems absence really does make the heart grow fonder...

09.15: This morning I didn’t see Ben's Nissan Quashqai when I arrived in the parking lot. (He usually arrives before me…)


09.30: Once in our office, I have to enjoy this delicious cup of dishwater on my own. Being French, I love to hear someone complaining in the morning.


09.35: I can enjoy the view of an empty chair in our office.


11.45: Back from a meeting where an important decision has been made by the French equivalent of the ASA. The hero of our next railway safety ad won’t have to wear a helmet when falling from a 4-storey building on a mini-motorbike. I’m happy but wistful again when, in the distance, I see my laptop alone in my office.


15.00: I guess that my rain jacket feels the same way when alone on a coat hanger. Thank god the two naked, painted men from our latest Aides campaign are standing outside the glass door to cheer up the dismal mood.


20.00: When leaving the agency at night, I don’t see his Nissan Qashqai but I feel OK because the parking lot is painted in yellow.


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