Mobile phone company giffgaff has co-created a series of documentaries which cover topical issues affecting young people in Britain today. 

The series, called Perspectives, was produced by VIRTUE Worldwide, the in-house creative agency at VICE Media. 

The first in the series [below] tells the story of the housing crisis in London, focusing on the issues facing a young and creative community that has struggled with finding affordable accommodation in the capital.


The film follows the stories of individuals who, for various reasons, have opted to live within live/work communities and housing guardianship schemes, rather than enter the traditional renting model. All are bound by a desire to find a sustainable way to live that does not compromise their sense of community and allows them to live in alternative spaces in alternative ways. 

“We are continuously looking for the right partners to collaborate with on every level [and] VIRTUE Worldwide are renowned for their sociological examination and a core belief in lateral thinking," explained giffgaff's agency manager, Abi Pearl. "At giffgaff we have applied this sort of thinking to how we believe mobile networks can be; we created giffgaff Perspectives, honing in on our desire to take a fresh, different look at things, and look for other solutions outside of the norm.”

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