To promote the launch of German rapper Kontra K’s latest album Labyrinth, the artist joined forces with London-based innovation studio UNIT9 to create a world-first interactive music video.

Directed by Maximilian Niemann, the Next to You (An Deiner Seite) promo gives viewers the chance to skip through time and uncover clues to solve a grisly murder.

The promo, which features the artists as the main characters, follows a fisherman as he unravels a crime scene. By clicking on the space bar, viewers can trace the past to find vital clues to the mystery.



Viewers are sent hints as to when they should venture into the past and when they should be in the present so that they don’t miss a key moment in the plot. Depending on how many clues the viewer finds, one of three possible endings will conclude the film.

After completing the experience, viewers can share their results with friends via social media or email. The video can be watched either linearly or on the dedicated site.

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