Are you a man? Have you ever felt hunger pangs come 4 o’clock? It’s not quite lunch and it’s not quite dinner… so what do you eat?

Well Danone’s new campaign #HungerCry is targeting you, during prime snack time.

Rebranding yoghurt for men, yesterday, Danone in partnership with Naked Communications launched a six-week campaign encouraging consumers to reach for yoghurt when afternoon hunger creeps in.

Naked has teamed up with various influencers – like Vine star Ben Phillips – to post videos of themselves unleashing their #HungerCry, and encouraging fans to get active online.



“No yogurt is clearly targeted at men,” says Niccolo Rigo, Naked’s European strategy director. This is why the campaign has adopted an unconventional approach to yoghurt – to appeal to men in a way healthy, indulgent brands don’t.

Alongside the social media campaign, Naked has created a voice-activated vending machine that is touring the country and rewarding the loudest screaming consumers with free yoghurts.  

But users beware – there will be a hidden camera attached to the device and #HungerCry footage will be shared on social media.



So far, the reaction has been very positive.

“People were all over it with over 400 responses [in just two days]. Not bad for a reserved country like Britain. After the initial surprise, bystanders couldn’t help themselves and gave it a go,” says Naked’s European creative head Cyrus Vantoch-Wood.

Look out for the expected release of other #HungerCry videos by Vine stars Arron Crascall and Anto Sharpstars and follow the campaign online at @danioUK. 

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