A lot can happen in a week, especially in the marketing game. Take English Premier League team Arsenal – in the last eight days the club has launched a series of kits to mark a new partnership with supplier PUMA and turned its attention to the golf course to get behind super fan and pro Ian Poulter. But probably the most memorable event of the week for the club came last Saturday when a new ad campaign for BT Sport aired, apparently undermining the team.

Created through AMV BBDO London, the new campaign saw two ads launched (below) which have had Gooners riled since thanks to the selective nature of the content featured in the spots, directed by Academy Films director Martin Werner.

The first, Mourinho, harks back to February when Liverpool mauled Arsenal at Anfield with a 5-1 victory over the North London club. Many of BT Sport’s neutral customers would agree that this was by far the best of the action from last season and the commercial sees stars Jose Mourinho and Rio Ferdinand along with Jake Humphreys reacting to the action.

The second of the spots hones in on an incident during Arsenal’s clash with London rivals Chelsea – another eventful game that saw defender Kieron Gibbs mistakenly sent off before Arsenal lost the tie in a 6-0 defeat.

After the two ads aired it was Arsenal fans’ turn to have their say as swarms took to Twiiter to vent their views about the seemingly upsetting footage. Some have gone as far as cancelling their subscriptions with the broadcaster as seen in some of the outspoken tweets below:


If that’s not entertaining enough, an alternative version of AMV’s ads has come to light, instead focussing on Liverpool’s tie with Crystal Palace, a game that saw the title contenders three goals up before submitting the lead – and the eventually the championship – in a capitulation Arsenal fans have taken advantage of in response.


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