In an exciting first for the acclaimed post-production house, Uppercut has added Alex Hagon as editor and partner. As its first official partner, Hagon’s positioning is the initial step in incorporating this role into Uppercut’s leadership.

“We have expanded to three offices across the US in the last few years, and it's time to collaborate with new partners to bring new perspectives and help shape and grow the company into the future,” says Uppercut’s founder and editor, Micah Scarpelli. “Alex is the perfect fit as a partner at Uppercut. With the culture we’ve built, he’s the exact partner we need: someone adept at many editing styles, an expert in all things post-production, and always open to collaborating and digging in with other creatives.” 

Alex Hagon is an award-winning editor from Bristol, England. Beautifully composed and timed to perfection, his editing work swells with visual poetry and feeling. His past work includes editing spots for high-profile brands like Macy’s, Jack Daniels, GM, Adidas, Chanel, Amex, Samsung, Modelo, and FanDuel. He’s collaborated with exemplary directors like Drake Doremus, Nicolas Winding Refn, Luc Besson, David O’Russell, Anna & Ewan, and Anh Vu. His edits have earned him many accolades throughout his career from awards shows like Cannes Lions, D&AD, APA, BTAA, The Kinsale Sharks, and LA Comedy Festival.

“When I graduated University I hoped to have a career as a drummer, but I got the chance to work with three fantastic and diverse editors and soon realized that editing shares a lot of similarities with drumming: rhythm, pace, and timing are at the heart of editing. It feels intuitive to me,” says Alex Hagon of his editing style. 

He remarks on his new venture with Uppercut by saying, “I’m very excited to partner with Micah. I’m looking forward to building upon the success Uppercut has had already. Having run my own company, I’m keen to share some ideas and thoughts about how I see our industry evolving. I’ve also always championed assistants and junior editors. It will be fun to mentor the up-and-coming talent and build on my own journey.”

Lisa Sadek, Uppercut’s NY Executive Producer, says of Hagon, “We met judging on a panel and quickly realized we had very similar ideas about all the spots we were reviewing. I knew he’d be a great fit with us right away. His outstanding experience makes him an outstanding editor with a deep understanding of the business and a vision of evolving and growing within the industry.”