Scoot McNairy (NARCOS) stars in the new TX Whiskey campaign Our Whiskey, Our Way. 

The spots have been created via Tombras, directed by Nate Edwards of Invisible Collective, and edited by Kevin Ray of Union Editorial.

Tombras enlisted native Texan, McNairy, to espouse what it means to be Texan in mind, body, and spirit. As a cattle ranch owner himself, McNairy embodies the blend of ruggedness and elegance that unites all Texans from Austin to Amarillo. 

The work introduces TX Whiskey’s first campaign line, “our whiskey, our way,” a nod to the independent spirit of Texans, and the innovative techniques used by TX in the distillation process – using Texas Pecans for the yeast needed to create the mashbill and distilling the spirit in a quintessentially Texan copper still that sits at the centre of TX’s Whiskey Ranch.

The campaign was shot at Whiskey Ranch, TX Whiskey’s world class distillery.

Directed by Houston native Nate Edwards with an all-Texan crew, the production lived up to the ethos of the work.