US based RadicalMedia have announced an official collaboration with female powered production and management company, Spark & Riot

Led by Ana de Diego, her team represents an international roster of directors and connects them with American advertising agencies to develop and produce content globally. What makes Spark & Riot unique is that they are dedicated to supporting socially conscious initiatives. With each job, they go above and beyond to partner with a local non-profit to help tackle a different UN Sustainable Development Goal. 

“Ana is incredibly creative and we recognize how she is influencing and inspiring the next generation of producers and filmmakers,” says Frank Scherma, President of RadicalMedia. “We are leaning into this moment in culture and are proud to align with an organization that cares deeply about giving back and decreasing our footprint.”

RadicalMedia and Spark & Riot will combine creative resources for key projects to develop and produce experiences and content for brands, studios and networks. 

Ana de Diego, founder of Spark & Riot, says of the joint venture, “I am excited to collaborate with such a prestigious organization like RadicalMedia. Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma are visionary leaders and they continue to push innovation by embracing an exciting new roster of international young talent in addition to supporting Spark & Riot’s ethos of socially responsible production and storytelling.”

Together, RadicalMedia and Spark & Riot hope to be the leaders in change by setting an example of what actionable change looks like through their collaborative projects.