Ponant, the leading luxury expedition cruise company, announce the launch of its new corporate campaign, Nature Is Our Guide. The campaign aims to promote a more responsible tourism as the core values that guide the company's operations and philosophy.

With a strong focus on corporate social responsibility, Nature Is Our Guide is embodied by four main actors: Captain, Naturalist Guide, Scientist and Passenger.

Through the campaign, written by FRED & FARID Los Angeles, Ponant is committed to providing a unique and responsible travel experience that not only showcases the natural beauty of the destinations visited but also encourages passengers to be active participants in the conservation of the planet. From innovative and eco-friendly ship design to on-board educational programs and sustainable excursions, Ponant works on developing a new tourism model more responsible, more respectful of the environment and the communities it partners with.

Ponant – 35 Years of Exploration

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To accompany the campaign, Ponant has released a brand film that captures the essence of Nature Is Our Guide. The film showcases the breathtaking beauty of the destinations visited by Ponant and the unique experiences offered to its passengers, while highlighting the company's commitment to a more responsible tourism.

Hervé Gastinel, CEO of Ponant: “Nature is our guide is not just a campaign, it’s a commitment to a more sustainable and responsible tourism as being core values that guide everything we do. We believe travel has the power to transform individuals and communities. It is our responsibility to ensure this transformation is positive and lasting both for people and the planet. This mark our 35th anniversary and we wanted to pay tribute to those who support us in this approach.”

FRED & FARID Los Angeles adds: With Nature Is Our Guide, our second global project with Ponant, we aimed to create a campaign that not only showcases Ponant's commitment to a more responsible tourism but also speaks to the human desire for exploration and connection with nature.”