Park Pictures has signed filmmaker and photographer Lucy Sandler for representation. 

Her work behind the camera is decisive and honest, continually serving her subjects with her fresh perspective and inimitable artistic voice.

As a director, Sandler alchemizes her lived experience into her projects, viewing her position as that of a conduit to create emotionally engaging and captivating films. Her raw and intuitive directing sensibilities lead with connection and are primarily shaped by Sandler's connection with the on-screen talent. Most recently, she directed and wrote the short film The Weight of a Dog, which follows a recent retiree chaperoning her adult daughter to her abortion and is currently touring film festivals.

Her sharp sense of narrative and expert storytelling skills led Sandler to helm many films for popular brands like Puma, Ford, Hennessy, Spotify, Starface, and Lancome. She often collaborates with A-list celebrities like Sydney Sweeney, Zendaya, and Billie Eilish to create unforgettable commercial campaigns. Sandler’s work in the indie music scene has garnered ample recognition, including an MVPA win for Best Newcomer for the music video Gum for Ill Peach. Similarly, her work directing the Hush for Ill Peach stars a chorus of rodent animatronics and is currently shortlisted for Music Video of the Year at shots The Americas.

She says of joining Park Pictures, “When I think of Park, I think of quiet excellence. I have always admired their roster as a sacred pocket of talented filmmakers bringing their narrative talents to the commercial space. When I started to meet the team, it was no surprise that they were also humble, good human beings. I’m excited for this next chapter..”

Scott Howard, senior executive producer of Park Pictures, says of its newest rostered director, “Lucy’s an incredible director with a fresh point of view that we were immediately attracted to. Her work is undeniably compelling, drawing you in with high-contrast imagery and imperceptibly tapping into your emotional life. Everyone at Park and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Lucy.”