With the general election under a month away, leading UK underwear brand Lemonade Dolls, has launched a new, punchy and bold campaign to empower and engage women in politics, and importantly, encourage women to exercise their right to vote.

As a company rooted in female empowerment, Lemonade Dolls are no strangers to wearing their politics on their pants. Their latest campaign Swing it, girls is here to show women why it's vital they engage in politics, and most importantly vote, 20% of women remain undecided, double the number of men*. Meaning, women could be the ones to swing the fate of the election.

To relay this message directly to women, and rally them to vote, the campaign features a film which draws on the political symbolism of the bra. The opening of the film parodies a stereotypical underwear advert, which uses pseudo-factual language about Lemonade Dolls technology to appeal to female viewers and disengage male ones. Before long, comedian and actor Jayde Adams interrupts and asks women if they’ve worked out who they’re voting for yet.

This leads Adams to call out women’s power to swing the election, followed by some of history’s leading women who fought to give women the right to vote such as Emmeline Pankhurst and the fearless women who burnt their bras in the fight for progress and equality. Ending the film, Adams shouts ‘’Let’s Swing It’’, swinging a bra overhead, before walking off set with all the women from the film, (on and off camera). The film ends with Adams holding a ladder, standing next to an Emmeline Pankhurst statue, which is wearing a VOTE bra, representing one final nod to the power of the female vote.

Lemonade Dolls – Swing it, girls

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Little Girl Gone, a track by London-based singer and producer Chinchilla, features as the film’s soundtrack, and was donated by the artist. The film was directed by Emmy-nominated Director Ruth Pickett, with Hungry Man Productions.

Alongside the film Lemonade Dolls has partnered with Global Street Advertising Agency, UNCLE, with a series of striking street posters, designed in Lemonade Dolls branding, with bra-inspired iconography and straplines to match, including; ‘ The future is in your bra’ and ‘ These boobs were made for voting’. Out of Home media owners Clear Channel, and LondonLites have also provided OOH media space for the campaign.

To further drive conversation, branded Lemonade Dolls’ bras with the word ‘VOTE’ have been added to Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett statues in London under the cover of darkness.

Vicki Maguire, chief creative officer at Havas London said: ‘’Fact is, when you get home, and the bra comes off, you’re not going anywhere. So come election day we’re encouraging you to put your bra on and get out and vote. Your bra could literally swing the election!’’

Lemon Fuller, CEO of Lemonade Dolls added: ‘’Voting is always a critical aspect of any election. Many fierce and courageous women have fought tirelessly to secure our right to vote, laying the foundation for a more inclusive society. That’s why we are here causing a riot to ensure women get down to their local polling station on the 4th July. Our sole objective is to encourage women to participate in the voting process and help shape the future of our country, in a time when so many women are undecided or do not vote at all. So grab your friends, sisters, mothers & grandmas - let's make some noise and show everyone that voting is the ultimate power move!’’

Jayde Adams, comedian and actor remarked: ‘’I’ve never told anyone what to think or who to vote for, and I usually keep my stand-up neutral. But when it comes to empowering women, I’m all in. In my specials, I've always encouraged women to consider the world around them with humour.

Learning that 20% of women don’t feel inspired to vote or believe they have a voice in the next election drove me to support this campaign. Women are inherently political; government decisions directly impact us, and we nurture the future. Women with more power and autonomy will create a more compassionate future for everyone. Let’s get registered and on July 4th, use our hard-earned power for real change.’’

Claire Reindorp, chief executive at Young Women’s Trust, said: “The Lemonade Dolls campaign is not only bold and exciting, but it shares our aim of encouraging young women to use their voice in the upcoming general election and vote. There are 9.5 million young women and a million of them are on low or no pay. They’re feeling unheard and disengaged from politics but it’s important that issues that matter to the are brought into the spotlight so that the future government are clear on the action we need to see. Things like unequal pay, unfair treatment in the workplace and the lack of progression have been holding young women back for far too long and it’s time that politicians actually listen and, more importantly, act.”

Ruth Pickett, director added: "Voting, particularly for women, but for any demographic which has historically been marginalised and had to fight for their right to vote, is so important. Women endured imprisonment, force-feeding, and social derision for decades, and even died for this right. We mustn’t take that for granted – particularly when women’s rights, and those of other marginalised groups, continue to be under threat. It was such a delight to work with the hilarious and brilliant Jayde Adams on this campaign – and my hope is that it will galvanise and empower women to make their voices heard on voting day.