This year the Young Director Award turns 25, and over that quarter of a decade the advertising industry has seen many changes, but the change that demands the most attention is the industry’s approach to the climate crisis.

In an effort to shed more light on this important topic, the YDA invited five people to sit on a panel to discuss what has been done to improve advertising's green credentials, and what else needs to be done to make sure the industry continues to be mindful of the impact it can have on the environment.

YDA Week 2022: Advertising's environmental accountability

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The five person panel, which was chaired by shots Co-Editor, Danny Edwards, includes those with considerable experience and expertise from within the entertainment industry, as well as those with expert green credentials; Anna Hashmi, the Chair of this year’s YDA jury and CEO of production company The Corner Shop; Gabi Kay, the Co-Founder of Green the Bid, which is a grass-roots initiative working to support a shift in the commercial production industry to zero-waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices; Anke Petersen, Founder of Jyoti Film and a certified green consultant, advising productions on how to be more environmentally friendly; director Sindha Agha, who recently completed a project on the phenomenon of 'climate anxiety'; and director Peter Thwaites, who has witnessed the evolution of the industry and its environmental priorities. 

“Production is about making things happen," Hashmi said. "It’s about bringing the film to life, and making sure we do that in a safe and professional environment for our crew and cast, and that responsibility should also extend to how we consider our impact on the environment.”

The YDA will return next week with a series of one-to-one talks with influential directors including Sara Dunlop, Lenny Abrahamson and Martin Werner.