Following a period of solid expansion further into Scandinavia and now the US,Hobby Film has recruited a string of world-class, award winning talent to aid them in their quest for global domination. 

J.J Adler, Kai Kurve, Rodrigo Saavedra, Craig Brownrigg, Jeff+Pete, Beatrice Pegard and Stefano & Alejandra are the latest to sign up the Scandinavian production company. 

What was once a small collection of Scandinavian humours connoisseurs has grown into a stronghold of both international comedy superheroes and poetic, cinematic storytellers.

‘Brilliant and hilarious directors like J.J Adler, Craig Brownrigg, & Jeff + Pete really strengthen our brand as a leading comedy specialists. At the same time the addition of a director like Rodrigo Saavedra also highlights Hobby’s ability & love of beautiful cinematic storytelling." says director & founder Oskar Bård

"Combine these with the visual genius of directors like Kai Kurve, Beatrice Pegard and Stefano & Alejandra who create stylish and surreal worlds, and you’ve got one hell of an exciting team. I couldn’t be happier!’. 

‘Whilst we love the work we do at home in Scandinavia we’re always looking for greener & larger pastures to play in & the UK and US are really delivering some fun scripts at the moment’ adds MD Tom Rickard. 'The addition of some fantastic new directors to complement the brilliant existing line up makes it an even more exciting time for us'.