Live-action production company Cadence Films welcomes to their roster German-born director Paul Herrmann.

The skater-turned-director brings a streetwear sensibility and play with tempo, graphics, and stills to his work, which has included collaborations with Tag Heuer, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Beats by Dre, Mercedes-Benz and L’Occitane.

Herrmann started making films by borrowing a friend’s camera to capture his friend’s skateboarding. Then, at only 19 years old, a chance circumstance led him to make a short film about Paris fashion week, launching his commercial filmmaking career. In the years since, he’s also continued to film skaters in their urban playground, releasing short films like 2022’s Only to Live In Your Memories.

The filmmaker’s distinct eye for expansive nature shots, urbancore aesthetics, and ability to capture inspired images of seemingly ordinary subjects makes him a perfect fit for Cadence’s highly-curated roster.

“We’re so thrilled to welcome Paul at Cadence,” said Lorenzo Ragionieri, Co-founder and Executive Producer at Cadence. “His work is extremely honest, contemporary, and immediate. It’s filled with the freedom and exhilaration of youth, and we’re excited to bring that spirit to the US market.”

During the pandemic, Herrmann released the lo-fi skate film I Thought I was You, a three-month road trip-turned-short film across America, which ultimately led to the creation of Time Will Tell, a zine about his travels that snagged a feature in Vogue.

Herrmann’s recent mesmerizing campaign for Versace Cyber Fantasy can be viewed on Cadence’s website. The 90s vaporwave blended ad promotes the luxury brand’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection