Award-winning production studio Kode Media welcome director Liz Unna for commercial representation in the UK.

Growing up between Santa Fe and Brussels, and now based in London, Unna began her career in the creative services department of Discovery Channel. She then moved to Channel 4 as creative director of FilmFour, and subsequently of More4 when it launched. Here, she oversaw all of its on-air identity and scooped up several D&AD awards along the way.

Over the course of her career, Unna has directed commercials and short films for numerous clients across the globe, including Samsung, American Airlines, M&S, Age UK, the NSPCC, Google, Dove, Microsoft, Volkswagen to name a few.

As an accomplished film director whose unique cinematic style is rooted in the exploration of intimacy, natural performances, raw emotion and real people, Unna has a keen eye for storytelling that delves into difficult and thought-provoking subject matters. She recently partnered with UK Dementia Research Institute, to focus on raising awareness around how women are disproportionately impacted by dementia. The two campaign films spotlight women who experience dementia by focusing on their most cherished memory, resonating with audiences on a profound level and leaving a lasting impact.

Her work on the Unquiet Film Series for The Times and Sunday Times saw Unna win two D&AD pencils, several British Arrows and two Cannes Lions. She also won Shots Gold Branded Content of the Year for two years running for her films on Christina Lamb and on the Art of Satire respectively. Her work for Age UK, featuring actors Miriam Margolyes and James Bolam have also been awarded at Cannes Lions.

Unna’s career is exemplified by her commitment to honour and amplify women’s stories. She is currently developing a feature script which explores the tender yet awful time in a young girl’s life as she emerges into adulthood.

Liz Unna comments: "I am beyond excited to work with the team at KODE. They are such a committed, creative and positive group of people. I have a lot of respect for how they work, and also love that they are disruptors… A lot of companies talk about the importance of representation, but KODE is authentic, they’re the real deal. I am thrilled to be joining them."

Dan Mallerman, Head of New Business at Kode adds: "Liz is someone we have admired for some time now. Her work, which is varied but always full of integrity, is the kind of work we love, and want to make, so why not sign the person best at directing it? Kode has always felt the need to have a roster who best reflects society, a roster of talent whose voices are unique. Liz brings to Kode a huge wealth of experience, which is irreplaceable, but her ambitions and enthusiasm remain as though she has just started out, which only endeared us to her more. We’re eager to take our next steps and delighted to welcome her to our family."